About Us

L’olive restaurant offers an innovative mezze menu inspired by Turkish, Greek, Lebanese and sun-drenched islands of the mediterranean from greece to spain. cuisines served up in a sleek and modern setting. Building on Chef Ismail’s deep knowledge of Mediterranean cooking and years of research and travel, the menu features shared small plates of authentic and innovative fare and unique Mediterranean wines, making L’olive one of the most exciting restaurants in Venice, Florida 
What Are Mezze?
Mezze are the small plates of the Eastern Mediterranean, known regionally as meze, maza, or mezethes. Under the direction of chef ismail, L’olive’s menu reflects the rich regional diversity of classical Turkish, Greek, Lebanese and sun-drenched island of the Mediterranean cuisines. Starting with authentic ingredients and traditional techniques, L’olive’s talented chefs create original and unexpected dishes that bring these regional cuisines to a level never before experienced. 
Each plate is meant to be shared Often thought of as party food, the small plates style of dining encourages socializing - a drink, a little conversation, and a few mezze shared by friends and family. The experience allows everyone to sample a wide variety of excellent spreads and cheeses, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood mezze, and creative desserts.